Water Screen Projection - Expo 92 Sevilla, Spain - Part 2


See Part 1 Here


Water Screen Projection really is awesome as you can see from the 1st video and the 2nd part of the Expo 92 Sevilla show is below.


I remember every day, watching the audiences taking their spaces to watch the show, the 1st one started at 11pm and the 2nd one was at about 1am, and the amazing thing is that there would be so many people watching that they started waiting as early as lunchtime to get “their spot”


This was one amazing show.


Throughout the video, you will hear the audience cheer and clap and “WOW” as is my experience during the water screen shows.


If you are looking to create a really dynamic show for your audiences, then you won’t get much bigger or bolder than Water Screen Projection.


More about that later, but here is the video you have been waiting for:

Water Screen Projection Technology

So how do you create a water screen projection show?


Well there are basically only 4 or 5 elements that you really need:

1)  A body of water

2) A great show concept

3) A great team of technicians

4) Great equipment

5) Money

6) Argon Animation Inc


Water Screens are an enormous concept to mount, this is not for the inexperienced, but the results can be awesome.


I have never seen an unimpressed water screen audience, but it has to be done right.


Projections On Water – Considerations


There are wind factors to be taken into consideration. The direction of the wind as it hits the screen DOES make a difference to the final performance.


Even the way the water falls, will affect the quality of the picture from the audiences point of view. The water surface for the audience side needs to be super flat and clean.


Ambient lighting and lighting directly behind the screen will also affect the quality of the Projection on Water and even the positioning of the video or film projectors will have a role to play in the final images on the screen.


The water screen projection system is not cheap, but being based in Manila, we do not have the huge overheads that other companies based in America or Europe have, and so we can pass those huge savings to the customer.


Typically we can produce shows at less the 50% of their costs without loss of quality in technicians or equipment. Our production costs, crew costs and equipment costs are simply less than the others.


So as you contemplate you next large outdoor event, think Argon Animation Inc when it comes to great quality and great value for money.


Your Own Water Screen Projection


Contact Tim Here To Organize Your Next Show


Tim Bennett has worked all over the world from Argentina to Europe, The Middle East to South East Asia and has worked on the 3 largest water screen shows in The Philippines.


Argon Animation Inc and Tim Bennett can surely provide you, on a worldwide scale, the best you are looking for when it comes to Water Screen Projection.

Water Screen Projection was written exclusively for Argon Animation inc by Tim Bennett © 2018

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