Water Screen With Manila Ocean Park

Water Screen With Manila Ocean Park and Argon Animation Inc



The lights dim…


The audience goes quiet…


Every one is waiting…


The faint hiss of the haze machines can be heard…


And in a breathtaking moment the Water Screen leaps into action….


The audience “WOW” and cheer and so begins a new evening of lasers, fireworks and projection onto water. Manila Ocean Parks latest show called “Once Upon An Ocean” begins.


Months of work goes into preparing all this water screen projection technology. A huge team of people all come together to create what eventually becomes what some people call a water hologram projection.


3D water projection systems and projection on water creates a totally amazing and unique experience for the audience. 

Projection On Water

There are 3 water projection screens. Lasers and video dance on each of them synchronized to the music using time code.  This makes a really amazing and unique water screen show.


Argon Animation Inc were the producers of the show. Direk Freddie Santos handled the musical arrangement and the production of the event.


Using water as a projection curtain is nothing new. We have been part of Projection On Water for almost 20 years now. Argon Animation has worked on Water Screen systems, from Argentina, Europe and the Middle East to a number of shows in South East Asia.  Manila Ocean Park being our latest.


We had to take over an existing system which had not be very well installed and adapt it for the new show.


We installed 2 new 10 watt lasers. Also completely renovated the lighting and sound, threw out the old show and made a completely new show. The new show included live performers as well as including the audience in the show.


This latest water screen projection took about 2 months to complete including all the video and laser creation and editing.


The New Projection On Water was designed specifically for a Philippine audience who really like singing and dancing. We felt that involving the audience was to be a major part of the laser light shows.


We employed Director Freddie Santos to put a concept together. The show was broken up into about 14 parts with a mix of pre-recorded music. The story of the show is really about celebrating the ocean, it’s beauty and it’s bounty and keeping it clean to enjoy it as it should be.


Once Upon An Ocean

Once Upon An Ocean really was an international collaboration with inflatable mascots from China, lasers from Germany and local cast, crew and technicians.


The inflatables run around the audience area, such as Lobster being chased by the two chefs, but watch closely as she gets her revenge!


Starfish and Lionfish also have their spotlight, but the highlight of the show is a wild and angry octopus climbing out of the sea to give the audience a very cool surprise.


Mr Lim and his team at Manila Ocean Park were simply a delight to work with. They gave us freedom to experiment as we wanted and they now have a show which is one of the best in the world. It is also one of the only water screen, laser and musical fountains in the world that has audience participation.


The audience seem to love it and after the show, they can have a photo opportunity with the inflatable mascots!


Manila Ocean Park was the Executive Producer. Ronwell Bete on Technical and Antonette Gonzales. Armi Cortes in marketing and overall management of the project, with Argon animation Inc acting as producer. Freddie Santos was director. John Batalla programmed fountains and lighting with Tim Bennett and Rian Gahiga programming the lasers.


The laser programming was lengthy with over 5 minutes of character animation being produced. This animation was originally produced in Flash and then converted into laser frames.


The whole system is run by time code from a master computer that controls 5 Pangolin laser control cards with the fountain and lighting controller.


Your Own Water Screen Show

If you have not been down to Manila Ocean Park recently, you need to go and see this new show as it is a very beautiful moment. Prepare to get wet, but don’t worry as plastic coats are provided and join in the fun during the 35 minute Projection On Water. 


Once Upon An Ocean was produced for Manila Ocean Park by Argon Animation Inc.


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Water Screen With Manila Ocean Park was written for Argon animation Inc by Tim Bennett © 2018

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