Water Projections - Expo 92 in Sevilla, Spain - Part 1


Water Projections were fairly new to me until I got to Expo 92 in Sevilla. This was truly jumping in at the deep end and really getting a baptism into large outdoor shows.


Months before, I remember driving past a fire station in Hammersmith with Chris Matthews, From Laser Creations. We saw the firemen using the water screen to protect themselves as they got close to the fire.


I guess Chris and I both had an “AHA” moment as we looked at each other with one of those “I have had an idea” type of looks.


We drove over to the fire station and spoke to the firemen. They let us take a look at the water screen head. We took the idea and played around for some time creating our own water screen.  


This was in about 1991. I do not claim we made the first water screen for water projections, but it can be seen, we were involved in the early day development of the water screen projection technology. 


So 6 or 7 months later, it seemed fitting that I was standing on the side of one of the biggest sites for a water screen show in the world – Expo 92 in Sevilla.

Water Screen - Expo 92 3D Water Projection

3D Water Projection


This was an absolutely massive show. As one of my first really large shows, I remember standing on the side of the lake, thinking to myself “what have I gotten myself into this time!”


But I really need not have worried. I was part of a massive team of people. Some of them would come to be some of my best friends for life. Together we created an absolutely amazing show that was witnessed by literally millions around the world.


We had 6 water screens placed around a central projection room in a full 360 degree display. The water screens were installed and operated by Aquatic Show. No matter where you stood on the side of the lake, you could see one of the water projections.


The central projection room was sunken into the lake. We had a tunnel under the lake connecting us to the main control room. I have no idea how many times I walked that tunnel, but it was a lot!


Installed in the projection room were:

  •   6 Units of 70mm film projectors
  •   3 laser tables with 6 units of 30 watt I400 coherent lasers
  •   12 units of large format slide projectors with scrolling film slides as well as rotating slide wheels

All the computer control stations as well as a whole host of other equipment.


Photo credit and Thanks to: //www.legadoexposevilla.org/reportajes/que-fue-expo92/

Lasers and Water Screen Projection Technology

I was responsible for the lasers. Each laser projected onto 2 water screens at the same time. So even though we only had 3 laser stations, we could project onto all 6 water screens and create some really awesome laser light shows.


There were actually 3 different films being projected onto the water at the same time. One film reel would show the monsters head appearing on one screen and it would run from one screen to another, using the other film reels.  The monster looked huge.


The Aquatic Show water screen systems each had 3 submersible 125hp pumps. As they came on, you could hear the crack, as the water hit the water screen head. The 6 screens rose in majesty to a total height of about 20 meters.


The film projections filled the central area of the water screen. The film images were surrounded by high definition slide images. Some static and some scrolling, so that almost no part of the screen was left blank.


Incorporating multicolored laser animation and a huge amount of fireworks each night, the show was a 15 minute (including the intro music) spectacle of awe and amazement. It was watched by literally millions of people both live and on TV around the world.



Greatest Show in My Life


This was, one of the greatest moments of my life and will go down as one of the shows that touched my life the most. Strangely it would come to feature in my future life in Manila to mark the incoming Millennium.


Watch the video above to discover the sheer beauty of a projection on water and you will also get to experience the awesomeness of the size of this show.


I still think that the Expo 92 show in Seville was one of the greatest shows that has ever been. It included a whole host of technicians, producers and suppliers from all over the world. We came together and collected some memorable moments, stories and adventures in life that will stay with us forever.


This was probably one of the only opportunities ever to see 6 water screens of this kind with it’s amazing Water Projections.


See part 2 of Projection On Water Here


Tim Bennett was one of a massive team that produced this show and was in the employ of Laser Creations at the time and he used this incredible training to travel the world in later years and begin his own company providing lasers called Argon Animation Inc.


The show was produced by Manuel Coranado.

Water Projections – Expo 92 In Sevilla, Spain, Part 1 was written exclusively for Argon Animation Inc by Tim Bennett © 2018


  1. Hello Tim Bennett, a friend sent me this page , happy that you remember my show with so much interest, I do remember you’ dealt beautifully well with the laser ,but what the screens wern’t fitted by your company , It was aquatic show people ; if you are still in touch with Chris, please give him my regards ,un abrazo.

    • Hello Manuel, It is great to hear from you again after so long. Thank you for taking the time to message me. I could not remember the name of the company that installed the water screens, so thank you or updating me and I have edited the post to include their name.

      Your show, is still one of the greatest experiences of my life and had an incredible impact on me. Not only did I meet so many wonderful people in the team, but I also got incredible training about multi-media large scale show.

      it was an honour for me to work with you and I hope one day we can meet again.

      Many regards,


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