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Live Event Creation and Management

Create Your Perfect Event

Live Event Creation and Management


Live Event Creation and Management

Over the last couple of days, you have been discovering the 6 stages to planning your perfect event, namely:


1. Plan it: Turning ideas into an action plan

2. Produce it: Executing the plan

3. Announce it: Letting everyone know

4. Showtime it: Hosting the event

5. Thank it: It’s all in the follow up!

6. And Finally!


So far we have discussed The Plan. (To revisit the training click here) and The Production (See it again here)

Today, we’ll focus on the third stage of the cycle: Announce the event.



Stage 3: Announcing Your Perfect Event

Announce-It- Live Event Creation and Management


1. Select the target audience

If you want your corporate event to be perfect, you will need your audience to be interested.

If you are going to invite anyone, make sure you invite the right audience.

This applies to the speakers as well as the audience.


In my article How To Plan An Event Step By Step, I asked you to identify the core objectives of the event.

The audience must be in alignment with the core objectives.


These events are also an incredible opportunity for the audience to network, so when selecting who to invite make sure they are worthy of being there.



2. Powerful invitations

invitation-Live Event Creation and Management


Make your invitations WOW!

Grabbing people’s attention these days is so tough. There is a lot of distractions around you need to stand out in a way that will make your invitee stop and look at your invite…

You can see some great examples here


Create powerful statement to compel your invitee to take action.

Personal invites are even more powerful.

Questions aligned to the audience will provoke responses.



3. Powerful Innovation



Grabbing attention is getting harder these days. People’s attention span is seconds so you must capture their imagination quickly…

When you attend events are you not tired of the same formats?


☛ Reception with cocktails…
☛ Dinner…
☛ Event…
☛ Raffle…


It’s boring!


Instead give your audiences something special, something unique, something to make them say WOW!


If you want some ideas to get your thought juices flowing, check this out


Audiences now expect the best technology such as lasers, 3D mapping, the best video walls, etc.

These should be standard.

Do not skimp on this area.

The special effects are what makes a movie great.

Take out the special effects and the movie become boring…

And they are the 2nd most expensive part of a movie after the actors.


The same should be of your event.

Don’t take out special effects.

Your audience remember the special moments rather than the content.


☛ Can you have your conference on a ship?

☛ Or a museum?

☛ Is it possible to turn the conference into a theatre play?

☛ How about a themed fancy dress event?


Creating a WOW event might get you a lot of press coverage too…



4. Create excitement online



Live Event Creation and Management has to include social media.

Start a Facebook page or group and get your audience involved in conversations.

Send email blasts with strong calls to action.

Remember not to blast members with boring bland updates, but rather inspire them with something of interest…


☛ Create a series of training videos with the speakers of the events…

☛ Host interviews with industry related guests…

☛ Show behind the scenes updates…

☛ Ask the audience for ideas about design, headlines, colours…

☛ Host quizzes and do giveaways…



5. Get the audience involved



Live Event Creation and Management should be fun…

During the making of many films, audiences sometimes get the chance to visit the set during filming, can you invite some of the audience to behind the scene moments…

Can you do smaller pre-event events that create excitement?

Can you get sponsors to do product give away events?

Gary Numan is doing a very interesting campaign as he creates his new album called Intruder.

He is selling the lyrics, special editions of the album, passes to the rehearsals, you can even have your name on the finished album as a “thank you”, tickets to special dinners, pre-event parties, and much much more.

This is creating a massive amount of online interest. Check it out here



6. Very special guests



I was the producer of an indie movie in The Philippines in 2012

After making the movie, I was inspired to start interviewing experts in the movie industry.

I contacted movie experts who had books on Amazon by email and asked them if they would be open to doing an interview to promote their book.

I was so surprised how many people said yes to my request and I discovered that even though artists might be ‘famous’, many of them did not get the exposure they wanted.

Who doesn’t want more exposure?


You can invite special guests to do pre-event interviews so that the audience is really connected before the event.

One of the things I used to do was to go to Linkedin groups and announce the next upcoming interview and ask members of the group to send me questions they would like me to ask.

During the interview I would not only use their question and mention them by name, on some rare occasions I actually invited the member to ask the question live on the interview.

It is a unique way to engage your audience as they are directly involved with the special guest.


7. Incentives



Can you give incentives for:


☛ Early bird registration…
☛ 1st to arrive on site…
☛ Bulk ticket orders…
☛ Most referrals…


Can you give incentives to sponsors and local businesses to advertise the event…

Audiences expect raffles, auctions, give-aways and raffles at events…

Can you do these pre-event as well to get people excited.

Get competitions going with great prices, such as front row tickets, behind the scenes guest areas, holidays, etc.



8. Meet and Greets

Tim Bennett with Gary V


Who doesn’t want to meet someone famous and get to hang out with them?

Meet and greet events can be massively popular and generate massive excitement in an event.

These can be pre-event meet and greets and can also be backstage events.

Run competitions to give the audience a chance to attend and combined with online exposure these can be huge.



9. Make buying tickets easy



If your audience can’t get their tickets easily, you are in trouble.

There are so many different options including local shops and sponsors.

You may also want to consider online sites such as:


Python Events
Ticket Tailor


There are so many platforms available. Some are free some charge per ticket, others charge by the month.

Whatever system you use, it has to be easy for your audience to get tickets.



Live Event Creation and Management

Promoting your event can be an essential part of it’s success.

You really want to create FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) so that your audience compel themselves to turn up. If you do this correctly, your audience will be your evangelists for you.

There are so many live event management tools around to support you…

Don’t do this alone, get a team to help you.


These other posts will help you:

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If you are planning an event, you may need help…

Argon Animation Inc can help you create dynamic live events. With almost 30 years of experience we can help you create your perfect event.

Get started today with the experts. Contact Argon Animation Here




















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