Why Ignoring Laser Safety Can Cost You Time And Money


Laser Safety is often one of the last things on the mind of a show producer.

Often show producers assume that lasers are safe and indeed most of the time they are…

However anything used incorrectly can be dangerous and laser is no exception.

Think your laser shows are safe?  Then read on…


Laser safety is critical to us at Argon Animation Inc. We want you to have a safe show.


In fact Argon Animation Inc is the only registered company in the Philippines that is part of The International Laser Display Association (ILDA). As a member we are under strict safety controls.


Lasers have 4 classifications, Class 2, Class 3R, Class 3B and Class 4.


Once a laser becomes a Class 3B or above, you should really be concerned with laser safety.


Class 3B includes lasers with a power of  5 to 500mw


Class 4 includes lasers in excess of 500mw.


These lasers can cause eye and skin damage and even set fire to items.


The Diagram below shows the laser ranges and thank you to Laser Safety Facts for the diagram.


Laser Safety for the Audience And Venue

I am sure, that as a show producer,  you joined the entertainment industry to make people happy and give them a good time…


Not to hurt them…


But did you know that a 500mw laser may not be considered safe to the eyes within 157 meters! When you consider that the average ballroom of a hotel is about 30 meters, there can be cause for alarm.


So where are the dangers:


  1. Eyes and skin
  2. Venue


Laser Safety Officer

Argon Animation Inc has a laser safety officer and he underwent laser safety officer training in London.


In fact to our knowledge there is no other company in The Philippines that supplies lasers that has a laser safety officer.


Tim Bennett understands that lasers can cause damage to the eyes and the skin.


No matter what anyone says, your eye cannot blink faster than the laser scan and if a laser penetrates the eye, permanent damage can be caused.


So ask yourself…


Is it worth the risk to use a laser company that does not have a laser safety officer…


Or should you be working with Argon Animation Inc for your lasers?

Audience Scanning

Venue Laser Safety

You probably do not know that a 1 watt laser can light a cigarette in seconds…


In fact in this video you can see a 700mw laser burning wood. (Don’t try it at home – it’s dangerous)


Now imagine the curtains in a ballroom, or a tarpaulin backdrop or other flammable material and you can start to understand that the companies using 15 to 20 watt lasers in these venues, are potentially a massive fire risk.


So should you use lasers in a show?


The answer is absolutely YES !


If used correctly and if set up correctly and if there is a laser safety office on site…

Laser Audience Scanning

Audience Scanning is when the laser beam into the audience.



You see it at virtually every club or event…



And now you know that there are risks if not done correctly.



Argon Animation Inc use Pangolin software to control our lasers and within the software there are safety features that can be use to make audience scanning safe.



Both Pangolin and ILDA have articles about making audience scanning with laser safe.



Pangolin, along with X-Laser, also produced a video to explain safe audience scanning.



Audience scanning can be done safely.



Argon Animation Inc consider laser safety one of the most important parts of a laser show.



Audiences and venues must be protected at all times from danger.



Creating this balance of safety with a beautiful show for your audience is a skill by itself.



This is something that Argon Animation Inc have been doing since 2001 in The Philippines.



So laser shows can be safe. Lasers can be fun and we believe that ALL shows should have a laser somewhere…



As you prepare for your next show…



Make sure it is a safe show…



Make sure it is an Argon Animation Inc Show…



Click Here To Contact The Laser Safety Experts

Why ignoring laser safety can cost you time and money was written exclusively for Argon Animation Inc by Tim Bennett © 2018

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