Laser Safety Officer For Coldplay Manila Headful Of Dreams


Tim Bennett, Managing Director of Argon Animation Inc was recently asked to be the local Philippine Laser Safety Officer between the local CAAP (Civil Aviation Authority of The Philippines) and  StricklyFX who are the laser suppliers and programmers for the Coldplay concert in Manila.


This was for the Head

Full of Dreams Concert on 6th April 2017


So on Tuesday 28th March 2017, we all went over to the CAAP office. We met a very helpful team were given the requirements to ensure a safe show for aircraft.


The show venue is directly in a flight path and the lasers, could affect flights.


We then contacted StricklyFX and passed on the details and they readily agreed to comply

A few days later, we did a quick test at the venue with one of our local lasers to ensure that The Galleon Building, located opposite the Coldplay stage would also not reflect bouncing laser beams into the sky.


We were also happy to see that the building, although silver in finish did NOT reflect any lasers!

Laser Safety Officer - One Step Closer

The day before the show, Tim Bennett and Jane Ido, met up with the StricklyFX team and were onstage planning the lasers and ensuring the safety to all fights.


No beam were projected into the air above the concert and all lasers were terminated on The Galleon Bldg to keep all effects within the concert area.

The StricklyFX guys were super helpful and understanding and gave us their full cooperation. They were a pleasure to work with.


Finally Concert Day Arrived!

The day of the concert came and Jane and I were super excited to be part of the show.


We could see the audience growing to a capacity of 35,000 and then at last after all the hours of work, the concert kicked of at 9pm and the audience went wild!


The atmosphere was electric!


The lighting, video and laser show were amazing as you can see from the video below.


We would like to thank Mals Ledesma, from AEDI for bringing us into the show as well as the amazing supportive CAAP.


In addition thank you to the amazing StricklyFX team who brought all the lasers and programmed them in a way to help us comply with local requirements and obtain the permit to project.


This was a great show and now my only question is this:


If the local CAAP trust Argon Animation inc…


If Mals Ledesma from AEDI trusts Argon Animation Inc…


And if StricklyFX and Coldplay trust Argon Animation inc…


When would you like to book your show with us?

It’s not all hard work… We have fun too !


Laser Safety Officer For Coldplay Headful Of Dreams was written for Tim Bennett for Argon Animation Inc © 2017

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