Laser Philippines - How Can I Choose The Best For My Show?


Laser Philippines – How Can I Choose The Best Laser Show?


Are all laser providers equal?


“Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome our special VIP speaker for tonight’s event, give a big round of applause to our dear company president…”


The lights dim…


The audience becomes quiet and all that can be heard is the faint hum of the smoke machines…


The music jumps the audience to a start…




And the music continues for 2 minutes in complete blackout and still nothing happens…


The audience now realize something has gone wrong…


A bit of chatter begins, some snickering…


Imagine this is YOUR event…


Imagine the audience turning to each other and wondering what went wrong…


And then the lights come on and the President, your VIP special guest has to get on stage and his opening words are an apology… “Sorry about that, but something must have gone wrong!”


How humiliating! 


Laser Philippines – Are All Lasers Equal?


Absolutely not, and this is why Tim Bennett and Argon Animation Inc, recommend that you only work with professional level laser suppliers.


And here are the reasons why:

1) Professional equipment

2) Health and Safety

3) Competent and well trained staff

4) Great track record

5) Your peace of mind


Professional Laser Show Equipment


The laser system is the heart of the laser show.


The last thing anyone wants is equipment failure because the system is a cheap copycat low quality system.


You would be amazed at how many “competitors” lasers we have hired as supporting equipment only to find out their scanners do not work, are too small, the lasers are not bright and a whole host of other mishaps.


We have completely stopped using any other 3rd party lasers as a result now and CANNOT recommend any of the other suppliers in The Philippines to do a good job!


Check out how Argon Animation rescued a client who had hired a cheap laser provider here


Health And Safety


If you have ever stood in front of a camera flash, you will know that a bright light can be unpleasant in the eyes.


Go to any show and for some people, the bright lights and strobes can be annoying, but imagine getting a laser beam straight in the eye!


Even low powered 5mw lasers can be blinding, so what happens when an untrained laser company turns up and blasts a 3 watt laser into the audience?


I love lasers, but even I do not enjoy sitting through 3 minutes of lasers where I have to close my eyes to get through it.


Do not get me wrong, lasers ARE SAFE when used in the correct way, and Argon Animation Inc is trained to setup lasers in a safe, but yet dynamic way.


In fact, we were recently contracted as laser safety consultants to the StricktlyFX team and the local CAAP (Civil Aviation Authority of The Philippines) to make sure that the COLDPLAY lasers were safe for the flights as the concert was directly in the flight path…


The fact that the CAAP considers Argon Animation Inc the expert in laser safety, gives us credibility and should give you a huge boost in confidence when choosing your laser team…


You can see me standing on the Coldplay stage as we tested all the lasers and got the permit!


Argon Animation Inc are the ONLY laser show provider in The Philippines registered with ILDA – The International Laser Display Association


Competent And Well Trained Staff


Sometimes things go wrong.


Sometimes things break down and unfortunately, they only break down, just when you need them!


But well trained and competent staff can save the day.


With creative thinking and technical knowledge, most mishaps can be avoided or overcome, but only if the staff are trained and alert and on call during the show.


Argon Animation staff are trained to be available for the duration of your show and you will not have to go hunting under the stage to try and find one of the sleeping crew!


Great Track Record


Laser Philippines was established by Argon Animation Inc.


We were the 1st professional laser show company in the Philippines and to this day, we are still the only registered company in The Philippines, dedicated exclusively to professional level laser show.


All the other are lights and sound companies that have laser as add on!


Argon Animation has produced literally Hundreds of laser shows all over South East Asia from Bali, to Singapore, Vietnam, Laos and many many more not to mention all over the Philippines and we have an amazing track record and an incredible list of some of the top companies in the country.


See our gallery here of some of the shows we have produced


Your Peace of Mind


I once heard: “An expensive show that meet’s all it’s objectives, is great value for money, whereas a cheap show that fails, is a very expensive waste of money!”


How true!


Can you imagine how the president of the company felt as he stood on stage after his “entrance” failed!


And it failed because they hired a cheap laser company to make the magnificent entrance.


Sayang! What a shame…


For just a small amount of money more, they could have had a professional team with quality equipment and most of all…


Peace of Mind!


Next time you want laser, call Argon Animation Inc…


Then concentrate on the other issues in your show that deserve your time…


We will handle the lasers!


So going back to the original question, are all lasers equal?


Well I think you know the answer to that all ready and next time you go to Google and type in Laser Philippines, instead type in Argon Animation Inc


Book Your Next Laser Show with Argon Animation Inc Here

Laser Philippines was written exclusively for Argon Animation Inc by Tim Bennett © 2018

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