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Who Is This Video For:

If you buy, rent, sell or use lasers in a public apace in the U.S this video is for you…

Even if you are outside the U.S and use lasers there is valuable information in this video.


Video Highlights:

00:00 Opening remarks and intro to Grant Kondourajian

08:21 What is a variance?

09:03 Do you need safety training to get a variance?

10:19 Who has the variance? Company? Individual? Equipment?

11:04 If a company has a variance, do freelancers who work with them need a variance?

11:29 Does the equipment need any documentation?

12:52 Who provides the equipment product report?

14:38 Do companies supplying equipment have to be approved by the U.S government?


More Highlights for you…


15:48 Does a venue need a variance?

16:23 Does a 1 day event need a variance?

17:22 What is the CDRH?

17:48 Walk-through of the forms

29:53 What happens when you sell, lease or loan a laser to a 3rd party?

38:28 Do I need a different variance for each sate in the U.S?

41:08 Sample plan of a show plan

45:05 Does anyone come and check your shows?

52:21 What happens if you operate a laser in a public place without a variance?

58:19 Guide for preparing the annual report

01:03:31 What happens if you don’t submit an annual report?

01:07:29 How do I get help?

Closing remarks.

If you use lasers, then do not miss this video!