Want To Learn How To ethically Attract New Customers Through Video

Want To Learn How To Ethically Attract

New Customers Through Video?


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Are you invisible to your potential customers?


What if the number one reason people are not buying from you is that they don’t know you exist!


Get your message into your customers hands with our interview platform…


As you build your authority, you fill up your sales schedule.





If you sell B2B, there is an UNLIMITED number of VERY qualified customers that want to buy from you.


There are just three problems:


1 – Your most qualified leads, don’t even know you exist…


2 – The most qualified leads don’t respond to cold calling….


3 – Most qualified leads don’t use sales funnels…


They want to talk with you directly….





Your message needs to be heard…


There is nothing more painful that your expert help not reaching the very customers who need your help!



For too long, the path to authority and influence has been paved by tri-media – if you are a huge corporation who has massive budgets for TV and large scale events, then great…



At ArgonTV, we’ve created a system to help disrupt this old model and give all companies, large or small a platform to create authority and get the exposure you need.



The ArgonTV platform harnesses the power of online tools and allows you and your teams the ability to collaborate with us through our strategic framework.



The ArgonTV team is totally committed to empowering you to build loyal audiences and profitable businesses.


  • Create Your Promotional Video Interview

  • Ethically Attract New Customers Through Video?

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    Lead Generation
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Laser-Safety-Officer-For-Coldplay-ManilaAbout Tim Bennett

Tim Bennett has been in the event space for 32+ years.


He has created events from Argentina To Europe, The Middle East and for over 20 years in the heart of Asia.


Tim hosts ArgonTV and is interviewing some of the top leaders in live event industry.


He’s a GREAT interviewer – advocating the growth of event related companies around the globe.


Our 20 – 40 min online interviews share amazing stories, products and services directly to your audiences. 


Our audiences are not newbies.


Most of them, need your services and products and have been in the industry for many years.


They’re ready for their next phase of massive growth!


We’re excited to share YOUR story!