Tim Bennett is the imagination behind Argon Animation

Tim Bennett

Tim Bennett


The journey started in Spain…


I was working in Seville, Spain at the Expo 92 show. It was truly an amazing experience. One that inspired me to continue my love for lasers.


I came up with a plan to somehow start my own company. I had no equipment, not a lot of money, but a lot of enthusiasm and passion!


The first thing I did was to come up with a name and draw the logo.


At the time all the laser companies I heard of were called “laser this…” or “Laser that…” and by chance I heard an interview with Richard Branson. During the interview he said his goal was to have the name Virgin as a brand. He could then have Virgin Coke, Virgin Airlines, Virgin Records Etc.


I thought this was a great Idea.


So rather than box myself into just laser laser and brand the name, I thought of a word that described laser perfectly and that began with the letter A. That way it would be at the top of all directories !


Argon is a gas from the Noble Family of gasses. When you zap the gas with high electrical voltage, it creates laser!

And it began with the letter A !


And so Argon became the 1st word!


My job was literally to ‘manage’ the laser beam into text and images via the software.


And so Argon Management was born.


There were still no laser, just dreams.


Years later I went to Manila, Philippines (1998) to do a show. At the end of that show in 1999 I made a terrible partnership which ended in a lot of tears.


The partnership became known as Argon Attraction. It all fell apart early in the year 2000. However one thing was clear…


There was a market and demand for laser in Manila and no one was doing it here other than me !


And so I went and found more cash, I still had the passion! Tim Bennett (that’s me) has enough passion to fill the universe!


So on 20th August 2001 Argon Animation Inc was registered!


And the rest they say is history.


Argon (as it is lovingly know) is still the only registered company in The Philippines dedicated exclusively to professional laser shows and is also the only company in The Philippines registered with ILDA (The International Laser Display Association).


Argon Animation Inc Logo





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