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Laser Art Installations

Name:  Lewie Wilkinson

Company Name:  

Email:  rolwilki@gmail.com

Website:  www.linktr.ee/laserlewdude

Facebook URL:  www.facebook.com/LaserLewDude

Phone:  1-317-490-9015

City:  Indianapolis

Country:  United States

Brief Description:  I make laser art using lasers, glass, mirrors and H2O. The “structures” are typically 18″ h/w/d, and they are made in my “laser closet”. I use all diode lasers, most of which I built. I also integrate RGB projectors and use Lumia more often than not.



Laser Safety Consultant

Name:  Roberta McHatton

Company Name:  Laser Safety Services LLC

Email:  roberta@lasersafetyservices.com

Website:  www.lasersafetyservices.com

Facebook URL:  www.facebook.com/roberta.mchatton

Phone: 14257535644

City:  Kent

Country:  United States

Brief Description:  We offer laser safety as it applies to entertainment courses that will enable our clients to manage their own quality laser safety program.



Laser Show Production


Name:  Kyle Garner

Company Name:  LASERONICS

Email:  kyle@Laseronics.com

Website:  www.LASERONICS.com

Facebook URL:  www.facebook.com/Laseronics-USA-508552743002967/

Phone:  3603145002


Country:  United States

Brief Description:  World leader in laser shows, display & FX. Proven 24 year track record. International awarded won Laser Safety Officers FDA/CDRH compliant with required Variance New York licensed super friendly guys



Name:  Timothy Walsh

Company Name:  Laser Spectacles Inc

Email:  laserinfo@laserspectacles.com

Website:  www.laserspectacles.com

Facebook URL:  www.facebook.com/LaserSpectacles

Phone: (01)512-392-4600

City:  San Marcos

Country:  United States

Brief Description:  Laser show production, specializing in building projection (laser mapping)



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