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Laser Show Production

Name:  Danny Mason

Company Name:  Reach Lasers

Email:  mase@reachlasers.com

Website:  www.reachlasers.com

Facebook URL:  www.facebook.com/reachlasers

Phone: +44 7446244884

City:  Leamington Spa

Country:  UK

Brief Description:  We supply stunning laser shows, architectural lighting, laser mapping and special effects to the event and broadcast industry along with a broad range of equipment hire for lighting and laser companies.



Lighting Equipment – Rental / Sales / Manufacture

Name:  Allan Carter

Company Name:  South East Laser Design

Email:  s.ed@live.co.uk

Website:  www.southeastlaserdesign.com

Facebook URL:  www.facebook.com/South.E.Design

Phone: +44 07958203930

City:  Bexhill on Sea

Country:  UK

Brief Description:  A company with over 30 Years experience in laser and fx lighting, creating effects for product launches, public events, corporate and private events. We are always looking to stretch the boundaries.



Special Effects

Name:  Jamie Gradwell

Company Name:  Impact Lasers

Email:  jamie@impactlasers.co.uk

Website:  www.facebook.com/impactlasers

Facebook URL:  www.facebook.com/impactlasers

Phone: +44 07796537794

City:  Gloucester

Country:  UK

Brief Description:  Impact Lasers is fast becoming a one stop shop in the UK as a laser show provider alongside a vast network of production services.



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