The 3 Reasons To Create WOW Memories For Your Brand


There are 3 reasons to create wow memories for your brand, because they dictate everything you do…


Because customers buy what they want, not what they need…


And the buying decision in an emotional one, not a logical one


And they buy what is in front of them…


This is important to remember as you discover the 3 reasons to create WOW memories for your brand.


Companies that tie their brands in a way that gives customers a positive, lasting experience, out performing others.


1 – Brand Experience And WOW Moments


As a customer, do you buy products from companies that gives you a great experience from start to finish?


Yes !


As an example, why do some travelers choose 1st Class, when it is at least 4 times the cost? The plane leaves at exactly the same time and arrives at exactly the same time?


It’s not the price that necessarily influences them. It is the experience they get when they fly 1st class.


The value of the comfort, the seating arrangements and the additional service, not only makes it great value for money.


It also reminds the passengers that they are 1st class too!



If you were in a position where you had enough money to only ever fly 1st class, you would correct?

One way of creating a positive emotional experience (remember people make decisions based on positive experience) is through live events.


You get the opportunity to connect your potential customer to your product, by creating powerful positive experiences through events.


The events should contain WOW moments which are created by special effects.


Customers who sit through WOW moments remember their experience. They do not remember the microphone stand or the video projectors.


All the equipment in the room is important.


Without the microphone and the racks of speakers, the customer would not hear your presentation. Without the video projector, they would not see the presentation.


Great Touch Moments Sell Products


However, remember it is the WOW moments they remember.


The 1st touch with the customer, may be your event. If you have a well organized event that creates great quality and customer satisfaction, your brand will be remembered.


When they hold your product it in their hands, a memory trigger is created and they feel good…


And then they buy!


If you have ever had a bad experience and then swore you would never use them again, you know I mean.


Except in reverse…




2 – Emotional Memories Create Evangelists


Would you like to reduce your marketing costs?


Getting your audience to go home and then ‘Sneeze’ (as Malcolm Gladwell talks about in his book The Tipping Point) your event to all their friends is something you want…


A friend recommending to their friends your products is awesome and very cost effective marketing. Imagine if you had 1000 people at an event who went home and told 10 people each how amazing it was…


Would that make you happy?


We were recently the laser safety officers for Coldplay.


One of the local telecom companies, ran a promo where if you buy their load you got free beers…


Not only did we buy load just for the beer, we also told others at the venue about it.


Then we went home and shared our story with friends and on social media because we had such a good experience !


This is what your events should be doing and if they are not, you are probably missing out on WOW moments!


3 – Brand Loyalty Through WOW Memories


Why do you use a particular cellphone or computer?


Why do you use Mac or Windows?


It’s all about your experience when using the product. It’s about the packaging, it’s about how customer service treats you, it’s about how often the company invites you to their free events…


My telecom company regularly gives me free tickets to the cinema to see the latest new movie. I get a VIP treatment, my girlfriend gets a movie date and thinks I am wonderful. In turn makes me super happy and their live events and of course great service, makes me want to stay…


Am I right in thinking the same of you? Isn’t this why you stay with your brands?




And your customers too…


To Sum Up Customer Experience…


By now, hopefully you understand why the 3 reasons to create WOW memories for your brand are so important.


The largest corporations in the world know that one bad news item of publicity could wipe out millions. Look at the publicity a well know American airline got when it booted off a doctor from it’s plane, in a very violent manner.


The video went viral…


Corporations are at the mercy of the consumer and you very well know, it is absolutely essential that you give your customers a WOW experience.


Having been in the live event industry for over 28 years on a global scale, we often see top corporations telling their audience they are No 1 in the industry, yet their live events have no WOW moments because of budget cuts and you can see the service providers they work with are far from No 1.


I am sure that as a professional in your industry, it only makes sense to you, to put your events, the very events that dictate your customer experience, which further dictates their buying experience, in the hands of people who are leaders in their industry?




Great events, create positive experiences…


Positive experiences create great memories…


And great memories create great buying decision…


If you want to impress your customers into a great buying experience…


Work with the No 1 Authority...


And when it comes to lasers, the No 1 Authority is Argon Animation Inc

3 Reasons To Create WOW Memories For Your Brand was written by Tim Bennett for Argon Animation Inc © 2017

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